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The mortar shall be composed of finely ground heat-resistant clays, minerals, or a mixture of clays and minerals in either a dry or wet condition.

Dry—Mortar shall be furnished dry and shall be ready for use as soon as mixed with water. Mortar, after being mixed with water and then dried.

Wet—Mortar shall be furnished ready for use at a trowelling consistency and shall be easily mixed with water to a dipping consistency.



  1. The best services of this industry need the right installation of the refractory mortar. The number or amount of the mixture components must be desirable. Unless it’ll have less power or toughness and hold to the infrastructure. The mixing of the mixture components is not easy. As it is not simply adding water and stirring the parts. It needs the right precautions given below:
  2. The mortar refractory is not an organic, non-metallic and absorbent in nature material. We can see the usefulness of this material by using this in Kilns, furnaces, other reactors, etc. The refractories are also in use for manufacturing casts and crucibles for casting glass and other metals. In addition, it is preferable in coating, patching, and bonding of alumina brick needs refractory mortar.


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