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Acid Resistant Tiles – Red Shale

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Acid Resistant Tiles  – Red Shale

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We offer premium quality Acid & Alkali resistant bricks , tiles and special shapes. We also offer customized sizes as per clients’ requirements. Our acid bricks comply with ASTM C279 Type-III, ASTM C410 Type H, L, and Indian Standard 4860 – 1982 Class-I for all applications where low absorption and high acid resistance is required

It is used as working lining for anti erosion and acid proof pickling groove,acid storage tank,leaching tower,anti-erosion and acid proof floor,tubes and etc, Except hydrofluoric acid as the medium in chemical, petroleum, metallurgic, smelt, electric power, fertilizer, fiber, pharmacy, and alkaline system industries



  1. Has high acid resistance
  2. Low water absorption
  3. Oxidation at room temperature is not easy
  4. Not easy to be contaminated by the media and other
  5. High pressure resistance
  6. Easy to clean
  7. Strong acid and alkali corrosion resistance (parameter>99.8)
  8. Reliable structure and chemical stability
  9. Long service life, more than 3 years warranty
  10. Accurate size, small Tolerance
  11. High Working temperature: 1250-1300C
  12. Convenient for installation

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Acid Resistant

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