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EPOXY COATING (HYB) is a two part high solids solvent free epoxy phenolic resin based coating system designed for hard wearing, smooth surface finish for floors, walls and on steel structures. Nonskid surface finish can be achieved on floor, if required.


1) Hard Wearing
2) Non Dusting
3) Excellent Surface Finish
4) Non Smelling
5) Good Aesthetics
6) Highly Chemical Resistant


1) Stir well before mixing Part A and Part B and mix in the prescribed ratio.
2) Apply one coat of EPOXY primer on the clean and dry surface.
3) EPOXY COATING (HYB) should be applied on the surface by brush or roller within 24 hrs. After application of primer coat it should be allowed to air dry for minimum 4 hrs. Preferable in a dust free atmosphere.
4) Apply min. 2 coats with the intercoat interval of 6-8 hrs.



Application Brush, Roller
Mixing Ratio As Directed on Packing
Pot Life 30 Mins.
Drying Time Touch Dry – 30 Min,
Hard Dry – 6 Hrs
Inter-coat Interval 6-8 Hrs. Min.
Dry Film Thickness 125-150 Microns/per coat
depending on porosity
Covering Capacity 6-8 sq.met/kg per coat depending on porosity,
roughness & method of
Color Shades All Standard Shades



1) Food & Pharmaceutical
2) Work Shop
3) Clean Room Application
4) Chemical Resistant Coating for Concrete& Steel
5) Petrochemical, Fertilizer plants


The long-term durability of the applied Epoxy coating (HYB) epoxy coating is dependent on the adhesion between sub-base and coating material. It is most important therefore, that the substrate surfaces are correctly prepared prior to application.

1.Before application of the Epoxy coating (HYB) surface should be free from loose partials, rust, oils, grease or earlier coatings and should be totally dry.

2.New concrete or cementations surface should be placed at least 28 days and have a moisture content of less than 5% before application of Epoxy coating (HYB)

3.After surface is dry, all repair work like sealing of joints, cracks filling of cavities and crevices should be carried out.


Keep the containers tightly closed when not in use. Avoid contact with skin & eyes. It comes in contact with the body, wash affected parts with plenty of water and contact a doctor.

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