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Aronel Epoxy Resin & Hardner

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Aronel Epoxy Resin & Hardner

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Aronel Resin is an unmodified liquid epoxy resin based on bisphenol A. Hardener Lapox K-49 is aromatic amine adduct, able to cure at room temperature. The combination of resin and hardener is a best chemical resistance system for chemical resistance coatings.

Advantages Solvent free Very good chemical resistance High mechanical strength

Applications Chemical resistance coatings for industrial pipes Out side and inside coatings on chemical storage tanks 

Material Properties: Aronel Resin

Material Properties: Aronel Hardner

Process Properties of Unfilled System


Recommended formulation & performance properties for Primer


Storage and Handling 

Aronel epoxy Resin and Hardner has a shelf life of at least 2 years   if stored in its original container away from humidity and excessive heat. All the chemicals are irritating to skin and needs special care and attention while handling. If contact does occur, then the hardener should be washed off immediately with soap and warm water.  


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