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Mortar 50 C

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High Temperature Furnace Cement Refractory Mortar for Refractory Bricks

Refractory mortar insulation mortar for bricks is also as known as joint filler, it is composed of a certain particle ratio of refractory powder, binder and additive, pour water or liquid binder to tune into a paste.

The mortar shall be composed of finely ground heat-resistant clays, minerals, or a mixture of clays and minerals in either a dry or wet condition.

Dry—Mortar shall be furnished dry and shall be ready for use as soon as mixed with water. Mortar, after being mixed with water and then dried.

Wet—Mortar shall be furnished ready for use at a trowelling consistency and shall be easily mixed with water to a dipping consistency.



Fireclay and cement are blended together to create refractory mortar, which is specially engineered to withstand extreme temperatures. This method is used for laying firebrick where extremely high temperatures are present. Fireplaces should not be built with refractory mortar, which is not meant to be used on hot surfaces. In general, two types of refractory mortar are available: hydraulic setting mortar and premixed, air-drying mortar.

  1. Good plasticity and convenient construction.
  2. High bonding strength and corrosion resistance.
  3. High fire resistance, up to 1650 ℃± 50 ℃.
  4. Good slag resistance and invasiveness.
  5. Good thermal peeling property. The refractory mud is mainly used in coke ovens, glass kilns, blast furnace hot stoves and other industrial kilns

Product details:




  1. Granularity standard,
  2. Good liquidity and plasticity,
  3. High refractoriness,high refractoriness under load,
  4. Small bulk density,low thermal conductivity,
  5. High adhesive strength,
  6. Good gas tightness,small gap for construction,
  7. Corrosion resistance, good slag resistance,
  8. Low shrinkage at high temperature,
  9. Good volume stability,good structural integrity,
  10. Long working time.

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