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Insulation HFK -1460ᵒC (HFK 28)

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Insulation HFK -1460ᵒC (HFK 28)

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Insulation bricks are made of bauxite, mullite, kaolin and other raw materials, which are screened and evenly mixed with binders, and then fired at high temperature after pressing. There are many types of lightweight insulation bricks, including fire clay insulation bricks, mullite insulation bricks, alumina hollow ball bricks, silicon insulation bricks, etc. The insulation brick has the properties of high porosity, low thermal conductivity, light weight, thermal insulation, and Good thermal shock resistance. Mainly used in industrial equipment lining, insulation layer, kiln door backing, roof and other parts.


Advantage of HFK insulation Brick 


  1. Hot Face insulation brick has the characteristics of high refractoriness and good thermal shock stability
  2. High temperature strength, excellent corrosion resistance, strong slag resistance
  3. With the characteristics of small expansion coefficient, low creep, and resistance to spalling
  4. Hot Face Insulating Fire Bricks are suitable for the use of high-temperature kilns under various conditions

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